Continentals Meeting 2017

5th Iona Continentals Meeting 2017 in Salzburg, Austria

Dear „Iona friends“ on the European continent and beyond, the next Meeting will take place

Thursday night, 7 September, to Sunday noon, 10 September 2017

in the city of Salzburg at the Johannes-Schlößl, Guesthouse of the Pallottiner-Order, Mönchsberg 24, 5020 Salzburg (

The meeting will stand under the subject


The issues at stake:

Globalisation has profoundly changed the way we live, work, communicate and build community. Present day economies push the individual to his or her limit. While a few get rich beyond imagination, many people suffer from this situation, which has forced them first and foremost to care for themselves and forget the rest!

The end of solidarity? The beginning of self-centred, inward looking, new nationalist behaviour?

The Iona Community is a movement countering such sentiment. Since its inception it has been about caring for each other, and about sharing money, gifts and time. It takes its inspiration from biblical visions of peace with justice and upholds the Christian tradition of „caring and sharing”, of solidarity with each other, and especially with those who most need support and advocacy.

Come let us share!

At the Iona Continentals Meeting 2017 we want to explore how we experience caring and sharing, both giving and receiving it in varying circumstances of life; where we see it happen in  practical ways in our different countries; and what this could mean for the IC.  By sharing and learning to care in the process we hope to strengthen and encourage  each other and our community for living our daily lives with empathy and compassion.

What else?

We shall celebrate together; explore Salzburg in a city-pilgrimage; enjoy good food and the hospitality of the Palotti monastic community in their beautiful centre on top of the historic Mönchsberg; and hopefully leave with many stories of sharing and some ideas of cooperation in our heads …

More about the programme can be found in the flyer.

The costs will be € 270 per peson, including accommodation and meals.
Registration is still possible! Please contact evelyn.martin [ät] for more information.